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Accessory umbrellas, ramps, inserts, and sneeze guards



All of our larger carts are designed to accommodate umbrellas up 1.5" pole diameters.  We have a pretty good selection in the SHOP tab.  We can also do single color screen printing if you need to customize.


Ramps and Covers

Available if you need to get your cart onto a trailer, van, truck or other vehicle. See "Accesories" under the SHOP tab.

Inserts and Side Shelves

Cart Inserts and Shelves

Most of our carts can be ordered with inserts to handle tubs, pans, or novelties.  If you'd like to convert one to another or you'd like to add a side shelf... we have options available on the SHOP tab.

Sneeze Guards

Replacement sneeze guards are available for most of our flat freezers.  Folding sneeze guards are available for our carts.  Order sneeze guards by model under the SHOP/Accessories tab.