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Ice Cream Carts - Cabinets - Freezers - Equipment

Ice Cream Carts / Gelato Carts

Ice Cream and Gelato Carts

Our most popular "trolley style" Ice Cream Carts and Gelato Carts can handle up to 14 tubs or 18 pans of your frozen best!  Available with graphics and other options!

Cold Plate and Bike Carts

Cold Plate and Bike Carts

Designed primarily for novelty products, our Cold Plate Carts provide ultra cold up to 8-12 hours--no power needed after charging up. Available trolley-style or bike style. 

Ice Cream Dipping and Gelato Cabinets

Dipping Cabinets

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets and Gelato Cabinets for creameries, scoop shops, restaurants, and more!  Need storage freezers?  We have those too!

Ice Cream Freezers and Other Storage

Special Purpose Equipment

Hardening cabinets, ice cream freezers, deep storage freezers, heavy duty freezers and more!

Ice Cream Merchandisers / Drink Merchandisers / Deli Cases


Show off your products! Freezer and refrigerated merchandiser for ice cream, gelato, and other frozen dessert products, dipping cabinets, deli cases, beverage coolers, and ice makers/bins.  

Commercial Dishwasher Units

Fagor commercial high temperature dishwashers

You have to clean up afterwards, right? Save time and payroll with a commercial high-temp dishwasher unit!  Get wares super clean, super quick!