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What Makes Great Graphics?

Ice Cream Cart Graphics

Who are you?

If you're in business to develop your business, i.e. your brand, the most important item is your company name. This is how your customers identify you and will be the starting point of how they will remember you!  So... make sure to include your business name!

Clear Simple Design

Your potential customers won't spend more than a few seconds to see and absorb your graphics.  Are they distinctive and clear or busy with a lot of design?  Using complementary colors? Does it match your overall theme?

What do you serve?

Ice cream? Gelato? Italian Ice? Something else?  Make it clear what you're serving.  That will draw customers in and helps whet the appetite.  Picturing what you sell or inclusion in your logo is best as it's universal to all customers, but "Ice Cream" can work too.

How can we do business?

If a customer wants you to bring your cart to their location, how do they contact you? Keep it simple--a phone number or web address is good.  Adding symbols for Facebook or Twitter lets your customer know you have a business presence on the web.

A word on file format

All artwork should be done in vector format (AI or EPS).  Vector formatting allows your artwork to be enlarged or shrunk without scale issues.  Better yet, the files can be used universally for anything you have needing your business logo.  Keep copies of the files for future use. More information on file and templates for our carts are in the DOWNLOADS section below.

I need help designing my logo

We have graphic designers that will work with you to design your logo and cart wraps. Options are in the Accessories section under the SHOP tab.


Boardwark Carts Graphics Templates (pdf)


H6D / H7G / HB11 Graphics Templates (pdf)


H8D / H8GSS / H9G /HB14 Graphics Templates (pdf)


CP1 / 6FFE Graphics Template (pdf)


Graphics Best Practices (pdf)


RF77 Barrel Graphics (pdf)