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Cold Plate Carts


Cold Plate Carts

Our Cold Plate Cart Package features our "Charge-N-Go" freezer powered by cold plates so it does not need to be plugged in during operation.  This cart is ideal for selling novelties at boardwalks, parks, catered events, sporting events, festivals. Great for fleet use at large venues!

The CP1 Cold Plate Package includes a top quality UL and ANSI/NSF certified commercial freezer with a baked enamel exterior giving many years of excellent service.  Primarily intended for novelty items, it can also be equipped for ice cream, frozen custard, Italian Ice, or gelato too - just order the inserts you need.  

Eutectic "cold plate" freezers do need to be plugged in overnight  to "charge up". Once charged, they will maintain temperature 8-10 hours. 

The heavy duty trolley cart features 6" solid rubber casters. Dual handle umbrella mount allows umbrella mounting to either side of cart.   

Application of user provided 4-side freezer graphics are included.  Download the template and instructions below.


Temperature Range (for charging): -20F to +11F

Internal Volume/Display Volume: 9.6 cu ft / 6.9 cu ft

Internal/External Dimensions: 32.25"W x 26.75"H x 19.75D / 40.6"W x 37.4"H x 28"D

Approximate weight: 273 pounds without product

Finish: Powder coated baked enamel over galvanized steel

Power: 115v/60Hz/15A

Hasps: Includes hasps for each side of the flip top lid

Bottom level storage: 2 baskets, 4 tubs, or 4-6 pans


CP1N - Novelty Cart Inserts (3 baskets and 6 dividers)

CP1T - Tub Holder Inserts for standard 2.5/3.0 gallon tubs (6 tubs)

CP1G - Gelato pan inserts (5 pans)

CP1GSS - Gelato pan inserts (6 pans)

CP1x-TK - Folding Sneeze Guard/Sliding Lids/Side shelf (call us for info)


CP1 Graphics Template (pdf)