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Boardwalk Bike Cart (BBC1)


Boardwalk Bike Cart (BBC1)

The bike version of the Boardwalk Tri-Cart, this bike cart is ideal for "fleet" use to serve ice cream novelty item to large physical venues such as parks and neighborhoods quickly!  Our Boardwalk Carts use eutectic cold plate technology to allow continual unpowered operation for 6-8 hours after charging.  Recommended for individual serve items with a capacity of 150-200 items depending on the size of the item.


Net Capacity: 23.78 gallons

Outer Height: 46.46”

Outer Depth: 90.56”

Outer Width: 35.43”

Insulation: 3.15”

Weight: 300 lbs

Inner Temp: 3.2F for 6-8hrs

Electrical: 115v/60Hz

Power: 1.5A / 180W

Energy: 2.87 kWh/24hr

Refrigerant: R404a

Boardwalk Bike Cart

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