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G-Series Freezers


These units are super for back-of-shop operations where customer visibility is not needed--ice cream shops, coffee shops, cafes, chocolate shops, etc. Can be used as a primary serving unit, expand availability of product, or as a tempering freezer.  

General Specifications

- Temperature Range: 0°F to 34°F (dual temp)
- Bottom Mounted Compressor: Heavy-duty compressor is bottom mounted for easy cleaning and maintenance
- Versatile Casters: Our pre-installed casters allow easy setup and mobility for ­floor cleaning. Additional caster lock function ensures unit placement and stability
- Door Lock: Safety lock provides security for high priced inventory
- Voltage: 115v/60Hz
- Sneeze guard assembly required
- R134A/404A

Unit Specifications

GST-22 (2 baskets/4 tubs/4 pans) - 4.3 cuft

     Dimensions: 23.25"W x 24.75"D x 32.75"H

     R-134A/404A  1/4 HP  2.0A  110lbs

GST-41 (3 baskets/6 tubs/7 pans) - 10.3 cuft

     Dimensions: 39.25"W x 24.75"D x 32.75"H

     R-134A/404A  1/3 HP  2.0A  160lbs

GST-52 (4 baskets/8 tubs/9 pans) - 13.6 cuft

     Dimensions: 49.5"W x 24.75"D x 32.75"H

     R-134A/404A  1/3 HP  2.0A  190lbs

GST-61 (5 baskets/10 tubs/10 pans) - 14.1 cuft

     Dimensions: 59"W x 24.75"D x 32.75"H

     R-134A/404A  3/4 HP 2.0A  215lbs

GST-70 (6 baskets/12 tubs/12 pans) - 18.5 cuft 

     Dimensions: 70.75"W x 24.75"D x 32.75"H

     R-134A/404A  3/4 HP  2.0A  245lbs

Optional Accessories

Novelty Baskets
Tub Holders
Gelato Pans
Stainless Steel Gelato Trays
Dipper Well
Lock and Key System

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