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HB-Series Dippping/Gelato Cabinets


HB-Series Dipping and Gelato Cabinet Packages are a complete cabinet package for front-of-shop operations--great for ice cream shops, coffee shops, cafes, chocolate shops, etc. as a primary serving unit or to expand menu offerings and drive additional business throughout the day.  These are available as dipping cabinets (HBD models) or as gelato cabinets (HBG models) and range in size to display 4-12 standard tubs or 4-12 gelato pans.

General Specifications

These cabinets include the freezer unit, a glass mezzanine style sneeze guard and inserts. 

- Glass Sneeze Guard with Mezzanine Shelf 

- Dual-range thermostat: -15F to +40F 

- Interior LED lighting

- Cold wall evaporation system

- Pre-painted galvanized steel interior

- Enamel coated wire inserts for tubs or pans

- Single layer, heat reflective glass lids

- Voltage: 115v/60Hz 

- Includes pre-installed convenience casters

- Sneeze guard assembly required

Unit Specifications

HBD4/HBG4 (4 tubs/4pans)

     Dimensions: 28.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-134A  1/4 HP  2.0A  175 lbs

HBD6/HBG7 (6tubs/7pans)

     Dimensions: 43.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-134A  1/3 HP  2.0A  225lbs

HBD8/HBG9 (8tubs/9pans) 

     Dimensions: 51.75"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-134A  1/3 HP  2.0A  250lbs

HBD10/HBG10 (10tubs/10pans) 

     Dimensions: 59.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-404A  3/4 HP 2.0A  275lbs

HBD12/HBG12 (12 tubs/12pans) 

     Dimensions: 70.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-404A  3/4 HP  2.0A  295lbs

Optional Accessories

Dipper Well

Lock and Key System

Gelato Pans

Stainless Steel Gelato Trays

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