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HBF-Series Freezers


HB-Series Dipping and Gelato Cabinet Packages are a complete cabinet package for front-of-shop operations--great for ice cream shops, coffee shops, cafes, chocolate shops, etc. as a primary serving unit or to expand menu offerings and drive additional business throughout the day.  If you just need the freezer, then order the HBF-series freezer. Inserts are available as an option!

General Specifications

- Dual-range thermostat: -15F to +40F 

- Interior LED lighting

- Cold wall evaporation system

- Pre-painted galvanized steel interior

- Single layer, heat reflective glass lids

- Voltage: 115v/60Hz 

- Includes pre-installed convenience casters

Unit Specifications

HBF06CU (2 baskets/4tubs/4pans) - 6.4 cuft

     Dimensions: 28.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-134A  1/4 HP  2.0A  175 lbs

HBF11CU (4baskets/6tubs/7pans) - 11.1 cuft

     Dimensions: 43.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-134A  1/3 HP  2.0A  225lbs

HBF14CU (5baskets/8tubs/9pans) - 13.8 cuft

     Dimensions: 51.75"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-134A  1/3 HP  2.0A  250lbs

HBF17CU (6baskets/10tubs/10pans) - 16.5 cuft 

     Dimensions: 59.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-404A  3/4 HP 2.0A  275lbs

HBF20 (6baskets/12 tubs/12pans) - 20.0 cuft

     Dimensions: 70.5"W x 27.25"D x 51.75"H

     R-404A  3/4 HP  2.0A  295lbs

Optional Accessories

Novelty Baskets

Tub Holders

Gelato Pans

Stainless Steel Gelato Trays

Dipper Well

Lock and Key System

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